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Let us imagine that we have put together a Task Force of Geologists, Geophysicists, Drilling Engineer, Well Log Analyst, Completion Engineer, Production Engineer, Reservoir Engineer and Risk Analyst (Probability Analyst). Then we charge the Task Force with the goal of developing a superior up-stream oil and gas technology that is avant-garde. Now let us imagine that we remove the communication barriers between these experts. What we will have is a Task Force that is an organic whole with potential for good synergism. The Geologist will make the Geophysicist better; the Geologist and the Geophysicist will make the Engineer more effective and so on. Now we set some guidelines for our hypothetical Task Force: We do not want this Task Force to sit around the table and discuss esoteric ideas without the rigors of verification in the oil field.


Dr. Ghole spent 40 years of his life, living the life of this hypothetical Task Force. The end result of each “great” idea loops back to its point of origin. Failures and sacrifices are endemic to this process. But if one survives the ordeal, one has a robust technology that no conventional career path could brandish. The technology comes with better protection than a Patent. One discovers this competitive advantage in seeing opportunities that others cannot see and recovering more oil-in-place than the conventional schemes. One cannot deposit this technological know-how in a bank and write checks on it. But without it, consistent multiplication of investment is impossible.


As each well is drilled and completed, there are several important junctures, where the decisions made and procedures followed may have consequences on a successful completion and production, such as: drilling out from under the surface pipe; mud program design and timing; drill stem test; well log suite selection and evaluation; casing design; cementing design and procedure; completion interval and procedure; optimum production design, tank battery design. In addition to the pre-spud meeting on location of all the relevant parties, Jag will be on location at these junctures to ensure that his experience is not lost on the decisions made and procedures followed.